2024 Movies

Letterbox: Movies to Watch

1.Challengers (10/10)

Watched in Ankara with Mertcan, Ekin and Melike. If you are a tennis person, you will love it for sure. Especially, the music was amazing

Challengers (Original Score)

2.Coco (2017) (10/10)

Watched in Ankara with Ekin, Melike and Mertcan. This movie convinced me to purchase acoustic guitar in the U.S. after all those years I tried to play classical guitar but quitted at the end. Family, music, culture.. It was amazing.

3.Inside Out 2 (10/10)

Watched in movie theater with my nieces Azra and Asya in Adana. I was crying at the end, very emotional and relatable movie especially if you are anxious person like me! 

4. Dune 2 (9/10)

Watched in movie theater with Can in Texas.  Overall, very impressive movie, I have no complain in terms of acting, filming or imaginativeness side of the movie. However, I believe it could be more connected. The storyline could be much more better. But, I believe this is a general problem for movies adapted from books. 

5. The Intouchables (8/10)

It is one of the first French movies I watched (Vanya made me watch it in Bloomington). Usually, I like watching journeys/more like compact stories; however, this was kind of a moment from a life. It makes me feel some "stuff" I can't describe, very emotional ones... Jokes, acting and soundtracks were amazing. However, still, I need to see the result. 

2023- 2024 Series 

Currently Watching:

-Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

-House of Dragon Season 2 (Team Rhaenyra)


-Bridgerton Season 2, 3

Growing up with Rory, and seeing Lorelai Gilmore being two minds about men were so much fun. Sometimes felt like it is little bit too much unrealistic; but overall, it gives you hope that everything will turn out very well. 

Watched several times, I can watch several times. It will never get old. 

The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon's dad motivational speech

I watched it right after I moved to the U.S. Everything was so real, I ended up being scared of finding myself around drug dealers. I remember one time I was so sad about Jessy Pinkman, so I searched his real name on Google just to see he is doing good in real life... For sure one of the best shows (the closest one to Game of Thrones for me).

Jesse Pinkman´s Voicemail

"Stay Out Of My Territory" | Over | Breaking Bad

If there is no such a thing called plot twist, this anime series would invent it. Incredible characters, and scenario. 

Levi vs Beast Titan - Attack on Titan Season 3 | with Attack on Titan OST

Actually, episode 3 definitely deserves 10/10... This series adapted from a game which luckily I never played. Therefore, scenario was much more interesting for me. If you like zombie series, you will definitely like it. Since, I am also huge fan of Pedro Pascal, I loved it... Waiting for next season! 

Clicker Scene | The Last of Us (Pedro Pascal)

It is very sad that only elf is like a real elf is the one I was complaining as a huge Tolkien fan. Waiting for season 2, still happy that we are able to go middle earth one more time!

Arondir scene pack | The Rings of Power

The second favorite U.S. sitcom. I believe the real pros love Dwight and Angela over Pam and Jim. And, my favorite character is Creed.

Creed - Halloween - The Office US


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2024 Reads

Currently reading: Henry G. Manne - Insider Trading and the Stock Market

Next read: Jonathan R. Macey  - Insider Trading: Economics, Politics, and Policy (AEI Special Analyses)