CalicoCat Cafe

How did we decide to visit?

Last Friday, Can, who defines himself as a wild cat trapped in a human's body, and I visited "CalicoCat Cafe." We were searching for a place that has delicious mulled wine, and especially its cinnamon taste should not be too strong since Can does not like cinnamon. Both of us spent lots of time in Ankara; therefore we already knew famous places such as Attende Vino. Nevertheless, if you know me, Can knows me very well. I fall in love with trying new things and going to new places. Haphazardly, when looking at stories on Instagram, I saw the place "CalicoCat Cafe" in one of my friend's stories. There was a cat in the photo, and I also know Can. So, I decided to make a date with him here! Until we got to the CalicoCat Cafe, Can did not know where we were going. Just I said, I found the place you will love its concept, and their cinnamon taste is not strong as they said.

What did we try and their tastes?

First of all, I ordered mulled wine, and Can wanted to drink Salep (Sahlep) since he did not want something with alcohol. Thanks to that way, he could try my mulled wine to decide whether it has a strong cinnamon taste or not. He has a super ability to test this, and according to him, its taste was delicious but not as much as sahlep! Mulled wine of CalicoCat was literally excellent; I definitely suggest it, and we expected to find this taste. However, sahlep with this level of taste, and just for 15 TL, after finishing our wine and sahlep, we ordered two more sahleps. By the way, mulled wine also was just 40 TL. CalicoCat Cafe is a cozy place for cold weather. You can go there just using the 114 Bus from Kızılay. I am so happy to meet Soren and Teo (white cats) and saw Can's happiness with cats.

Since the weather was super cold when we went there, there were few people. If you follow them on Instagram, you can catch crowded concerts but do not forget, to see cats you should go before 21.00 and calm times!


Ambiance? Concept?

Okay, the first moment we entered the cafe (the balcony part, since we do not use smoke, we prefer sitting inside when making the reservation), Can just saw one cat and said "Hehe, look at this!" but after opening the door of inside part, he realized a cat home, a big one! We sit in an armchair similar to the ones we have at our houses. It was weird, at the first look. However, there were maybe five peaceful cats around us. After a while, we got used to them, and cats got used to us. At the end of the day, we were happy with the concept and the cats we met there!