Corporate Finance


[Lecture notes are in 4 different pdf files -mostly accordingly midterm topics-. The first one, next to this note, is in handwriting, others in digital writing.]

Semester: Fall 2021

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Nuray Güner

Grade: AA

Book: Stephen A. Ross, Randolph W. Westerfield, and Bradford D. Jordan, 12th Edition, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. McGraw Hill Education.

General Comment: This was one of my favorite courses in the department. I highly suggest buying the book, trying to solve each question, and reading it carefully. The reason is that I believe this course is as important as the introduction to finance course if you want to study finance. We talked about many things that directly affect corporates.

Keywords (for me): Financing (long/short-term), investment as a company, financial plans, nominal-real interest rate, capital budgeting, sensitivity-scenario analysis, option to expand, option to wait, IPO (<3), Greenshoe option, best effort, SEO, Modigliani and Millar capital structure model, bond refunding, leasing, dividends, stock repurchase, merger & acquisitions, defensive tactics of managers, behavioral finance

Corporate Finance_02.pdf
  • The hardest part of the course, except for the exams we wrote 10 pages of at least was case studies for me. They were real cases, and we calculated their investments, net working capital, and capital structure, created a model, and finally commented on the company.

  • I went to office hours regularly, and also attended lectures.

  • Last note, this semester I am taking 4 different finance courses, and in each of them, I am using something I learned from this course.